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Honesty, integrity & experience

My name is Jorge Cruz. My family and I moved here in 2009 to create a better quality of life for ourselves and our children. I took a summer position with a local roofing company in 2010. The job as a roofing laborer is a very physically demanding one. It was however a job that created enough income to provide for my families needs. After the first couple of years I began to see what quality roofing looked like from start to finish, in both residential and commercial applications. That is where my passion for roofing came from. I learned from my mistakes and was quickly promoted to the roofing foreman for my company.

About 10 years ago my wife Romy suggested that I take my new found talent for roofing and start my own company. We decided on the name JF Professional Roofing, because the level of quality roofing I strive to provide is the highest form of professionalism and the letters stand for my first name Jorge and my sons first name, Felipe’.  We are a family owned and operated business. All of our employees are trained in the same application techniques and process. I am still learning new things each and every day, however I am also continuing my roofing education by taking various product knowledge and installation classes which are offered from the different manufacturer’s of the roofing products we install.

We have chosen the brand Malarkey to specialize in because of the high level of materials they use to create their products. This year we hope to become an official distributer and certified installer of their products.